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Stop Coronavirus Virtual Run by All About Running

All of the whole world, is becoming one route!

Stop Coronavirus Virtual Run is an initiative of ALL ABOUT RUNNING . Its goal is to strengthen the morale of all runners and at the same time, to emphasize the need for a responsible attitude towards ourselves and society as a whole, so this frustrating period will soon come to an end.

Race duration

Registration for the race starts on Friday, April 17 at 14:00 and will end on Friday, May 8 at 12:00. You can submit your time from Wednesday 22 April at 12:00 until Sunday 10 May at 12:00.

Race distances of 5 km and 10 km.

The selection of distances was made with respect to the instructions that refer to gentle exercise, depending on the level of each runner, lasting no more than 90 minutes. So you have the option to choose to run 10 km or 5 km or both distances if you have made a separate registration for both distances.

How can I participate? The process is simple:

Step 1: I download the sporthive app for free on my mobile or log in from my computer to


Step 2: Register for free by clicking the Sign Up button! Immediately after, you will receive the confirmation email of your registration and the same night you will be sent an email with your BIB number (the assignment of the BIB numbers will be for registrations that have been made until 18:00 of the same day)!


Step 3: I choose the day and time I want to run the distance I have registered for (5 km or 10 km or both).

This day can be from Friday, April 17 to Sunday, May 10! After I run, I take a photo that proves my performance (photo from the screen of my smart watch, the mobile application or from the treadmill at home, etc.) and I upload it along with the BIB number I have received and my performance by clicking the Submit Results button.

The race will end on Sunday, May 10, and in the evening of that day the final results of the Stop Coronavirus Virtual Run by All About Running will be finalized.

It is clear that in Stop Coronavirus Virtual Run by All About Running there is no chip timing, no judges, no other means of control. The whole project depends on the responsibility of each runner. After all, the goal is not to win but to participate!

Several attempts possible!

At Stop Coronavirus Virtual Run by All About Running you have the right, with a single registration at each race, to run the distance as many times as you want on different days, so that you can improve your performance in the period that will last.

Live Results

You will be able to see the results of the race through the application by clicking the Results button. Each night the ranking will be updated according to the new performances that will be submitted. In this way you will be able to see your rank in the race throughout it.

Take a Selfie

All this is happening in order to have a good time. So, share the moments of your run by taking a selfie from the application of Stop Coronavirus Virtual Run by All About Running and announce on your social media accounts that you took part in this Unique Virtual Run.

Use the #Run2StopCoronavirus and invite all your friends to take part in the game! Don't forget to take a selfie with the commemorative medal of the race!

Commemorative certificate

In this race we are all winners and we will forever have the digital commemorative certificate of our performance from a race that we will remember forever and which we will be able to be printed after its completion.

Run Safe

And we never forget! We run responsibly!

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